Tide Pools Quilt Along | Update & Discount Code!

Hi!! I am back from QuiltCon and still processing everything that happened. It was such an amazing experience this year and I want to tell you about it — fun classes, fabulous people, volunteering, and more (there might be a ribbon involved!!). But it seems that real life was waiting to bombard me as soon as I got home so I have a few updates to share today and then I will work on getting my QuiltCon recap together.


The Tide Pools Quilt Along was all set to start on Monday, March 2nd but I want to delay that just a smidge if that’s okay. I really want to spend the right amount of time with you and with the crazy week we are having here at my house, I don’t have enough time to do it justice. So let’s push it back until March 16th. That way everyone has time to get fabrics together and buy the pattern. Because of my delay I am offering a coupon code for 15% off the pattern just for you special readers! Since my birthday is coming up, enter BIRTHDAY15 at checkout to receive 15% off the Tide Pools pattern. This code will expire on my birthday, March 13th so don’t wait! :)

I do hope you will join me. Next week I will show you several options for fabric choices that could work for you. I love how this pattern can be changed so much based on the fabric chosen.

So grab a button (see sidebar), get the pattern, and start scheming fabric themes. And don’t forget to spread the word! #tidepoolsquilt

Oh, I can’t leave without showing you one of the reasons for the delay. These cute ladies and one gent will be joining our homestead this weekend…so there’s lots to do to prepare! See…good reasons. ;) XOXO
Coming Soon to Hohns Acres!!

I love Kona! | Tide Pools Fabric Stack

This weekend, I happened to read a post by Quilting JetGirl about a Kona Challenge over at A Quarter Inch from the Edge. Well, I love me some solids…and remember I said I was itching to make an all solids version of my Tide Pools quilt for the quilt along (starting March 2nd!!)? This was just the excuse I needed to pull out the camera and take a couple pics of this beautiful stack!

I’ve had this particular bundle pulled together since last year. It was slated for a different project and inspired by this Design-Seeds palette. Once I set my sights on using it for Tide Pools, the only change was to remove the gold, which would have been filled with Kona Curry. Yum.

Experimenting with color value has really been on my mind for the past 9 months. I love seeing how a design changes when it’s done in a monochromatic color scheme like this. Sometimes, with the right project, subtlety can pack more of a punch than saturation.


Kona Solids (Top to Bottom):

  1. Salmon
  2. Punch
  3. Peach
  4. Plum
  5. Ice Peach
  6. Melon

For more solids eye candy, head over to A Quarter Inch from the Edge and visit some of the links. There’s so many different combinations, you are sure to find some inspiration…or put your own bundle together and share! You know you want to. ;)

I’ll be posting more about the Tide Pools Quiltalong next week after QuiltCon. I do hope you will consider joining me!! Get the pattern here and start thinking about what colors you might want to use. You can never go wrong with some Kona!! TidePoolsQAL_button

Link Love | Edition 1

LinkLove-01 During the week, I read little bits here and there, or spy inspiring images via Instagram and Pinterest. Some of it may be quilting related, some of it life in general, but I’m marking a little place off in my blog to share those things with you and pass on the love. Enjoy and be inspired!

Must Reads This Week:
You’re Never Going to be Fully Ready by Shauna Niequist

More to Ponder:
Can’t We All Just Get Along by Completely Cauchy
It’s All Been Done Before? by QuiltingJet Girl

Favorite Instagram:
Deedrie of mybricole kicked it out of the ballpark with the first addition to my Fantastic Quilt Voyage project!! I would be lying if I didn’t say I have come back to stare in awe at her block over and over this week. Stunning!!

Favorite Pin:
Check out this super cool quilting idea! I love the complicated look of this and yet, it is all just straight lines. Amazing! Perfect design to try out with a walking foot if you are keen to try something new. I’m thinking this could be done on my long arm with some ruler work…definitely on my “to-try” list!

And Finally:
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Happy Saturday!

Now Available | Tide Pools Pattern

Last Fall, I shared Tide Pools with you as a part of the Tidal Lace blog hop announcing the newest fabric line by Kim Andersson of I Adore Pattern for Windham Fabrics.

Today I am excited to let you know that not only is Kim’s awesome fabric line available in many of your favorite quilt shops, but the Tide Pools pattern is now officially available as well!
Now Available | Tide Pools Pattern

Tide Pools utilizes scale and negative space to create a modernized take on the traditional Wagon Wheel block. While it may look challenging at first, each step is broken down into bite sized steps where even a confident beginner could be successful with this pattern. Whether you want to work with prints or solids, Tide Pools is sure to show them off in the best way possible!
Tidal Lace Fabric

If you want to make Tide Pools using Kim’s fabulous Tidal Lace Fabric, any mix of them will work. Each fabric plays off the other others so well. You can even do a limited color palette and mix in a few other solids in various tones. If you are like me, though, and can’t choose because each and every print is so lovely, use them all like I did on the cover quilt! Yep…I used.them.all. :) This Half Yard bundle from Fabricworm would work wonderfully!
Tide Pool

So do you think you might want to try your hand at making Tide Pools? I’m ready to make an all solids version so I’ll be hosting the Tide Pools Quilt Along starting on Monday, March 2nd. Between now and then we can talk some more about color options, etc. There’s even a coloring page included in the pattern for those that want to test drive palettes. Can’t wait!! Hope you will join me!

Feel free to tag photos of projects made from this pattern with #tidepoolsquilt on social media! I’ll be keeping an eye out.

Tide Pools pattern available in my Pattern Shop.
Tidal Lace currently in stock at these shops:
Hawthorne Threads

Fantastic Quilt Voyage | Adventure Awaits!

Back in November, I hinted about a new adventure for 2015. We are calling it the Fantastic Quilt Voyage — a traveling quilt project between 11 friends. Can I tell you how excited and scared I am at the same time?!? Traveling quilts have always been something I wanted to try so I’m thankful for the opportunity this year to be a part!
Color Inspiration

Everyone gets to pick their theme; colors, patterns, design ideas. Many of us created specific pinterest boards to capture what we are hoping to see in the quilt. Here’s mine! It has been so cool to see the differences between all our boards and the challenge to come up with an addition to individual quilts in a short time span is surely going to work my brain and creativity!

So step one in a traveling quilt project is to create your inspiration blocks; something to set the stage for everyone else. Here’s what I shared with the girls:

My vision for this quilt is transparency, gradients, value, and lots of purposeful overlaps. I love using different shades of a color to create depth in quilts and that’s really what I hope to see!

While perusing my Pinterest board, one graphic stood out over and over again. I had found my muse and had to try to make it work in fabric! I mixed and matched from this stack originally pulled from my stash, added a few new prints (ahem, Cotton & Steel, anyone?), and then set to work pairing them up in sets of three. I wanted each block to have an overlapping feel where two curves came together to form a different yet similar color.
Fantastic Quilt Voyage | Fabric Pull

The first few tries bombed. I couldn’t get everything to line up how I was wanting…but low and behold after a midnight revelation when I couldn’t sleep, I got up the next day and this came together in an afternoon.
Fantastic Quilt Voyage | Adventure Awaits!

I couldn’t be more thrilled with how this turned out! It’s exactly what I envisioned when I started — that’s always a bonus! I even saved some of this fabric before sending it off so I can try to make another one. I’m thinking a possible table runner for my dining room. We’ll see!

Come follow the journey if you are interested! We’re on Instagram – @mysewcialhour and #fantasticquiltvoyage.

Finished size: 14″ x 32″