Fantastic Quilt Voyage | Adventure Awaits!

Back in November, I hinted about a new adventure for 2015. We are calling it the Fantastic Quilt Voyage — a traveling quilt project between 11 friends. Can I tell you how excited and scared I am at the same time?!? Traveling quilts have always been something I wanted to try so I’m thankful for the opportunity this year to be a part!
Color Inspiration

Everyone gets to pick their theme; colors, patterns, design ideas. Many of us created specific pinterest boards to capture what we are hoping to see in the quilt. Here’s mine! It has been so cool to see the differences between all our boards and the challenge to come up with an addition to individual quilts in a short time span is surely going to work my brain and creativity!

So step one in a traveling quilt project is to create your inspiration blocks; something to set the stage for everyone else. Here’s what I shared with the girls:

My vision for this quilt is transparency, gradients, value, and lots of purposeful overlaps. I love using different shades of a color to create depth in quilts and that’s really what I hope to see!

While perusing my Pinterest board, one graphic stood out over and over again. I had found my muse and had to try to make it work in fabric! I mixed and matched from this stack originally pulled from my stash, added a few new prints (ahem, Cotton & Steel, anyone?), and then set to work pairing them up in sets of three. I wanted each block to have an overlapping feel where two curves came together to form a different yet similar color.
Fantastic Quilt Voyage | Fabric Pull

The first few tries bombed. I couldn’t get everything to line up how I was wanting…but low and behold after a midnight revelation when I couldn’t sleep, I got up the next day and this came together in an afternoon.
Fantastic Quilt Voyage | Adventure Awaits!

I couldn’t be more thrilled with how this turned out! It’s exactly what I envisioned when I started — that’s always a bonus! I even saved some of this fabric before sending it off so I can try to make another one. I’m thinking a possible table runner for my dining room. We’ll see!

Come follow the journey if you are interested! We’re on Instagram – @mysewcialhour and #fantasticquiltvoyage.

Finished size: 14″ x 32″

Tide Pool | Pattern coming soon!

Wow!! The new year came in with a bang and January has just flown by it seems! I’ve got some really cool stuff to share soon, like the first quilt finish of 2015 – woot!

In the meantime, I wanted to pop in to share that the Tide Pool pattern should be available by the end of the month. Check out this bright and scrappy version made by one of my testers, Jenn of Married to a BMW. I love how the tide pools pop off the quilt!
Tide Pool Top

I’m super excited about this pattern and I hope you are too! Maybe a quilt along will be in order?? I want to make an all solids version. I’ll let you know as soon as it’s ready!

Worth the Risk | QuiltCon 2015

I took a chance last month; put myself out there and entered two quilts into QuiltCon 2015. With so much support and encouragement from family and friends, it was time to risk big and open myself up to the critique of others. I wasn’t expecting to hear back until after Christmas time, but a flurry of emails were sent out last week with the big news. When I opened my email, my jaw literally dropped and I couldn’t stop smiling! Both Balancing Act and When Oceans Rise were juried into the show! In the past, I might have let an opportunity like this pass me by, too afraid of the possibility of not being accepted. Not anymore. Each time I take the risk to put myself out there only drives me to do it more. There may be rejection, but I still think it’s worth the risk. It’s the only way I am going to grow as a creative person. What about you?
Finished | Balancing Act
When Oceans Rise

So if you are going to be at QuiltCon in February, look for these pretties in the show…and then maybe come say Hi to me too! I like meeting new and old friends! ;)

Finished | Brickless

I started this shawl as a little knitalong with some friends shortly after hanging out at The Stash Bash earlier this year. I’m ashamed to say that it has taken me way longer to finish than I anticipated, not being the avid knitter that some of the other girls are.
Because some knitty Christmas presents need to be started, I pushed through this week to get this project off the needles. I’m so glad it’s done…because it’s just so pretty and squishy. Lucky for me the weather in Texas is just right to wear it now! Yahoo!
All that texture from the three different patterns just makes me so happy!
Pattern: Brickless
Yarn: Gnome Acres Sparkle Gnome Fingering in Bertie Botts

Strip Stash

Recently at a local retreat, I watched a friend whip up an amazing improv strip quilt using just her scraps. I was in awe and wanted to steal it so badly. Instead, I felt compelled to raid my own scrap stash when I got home and see exactly what it was made of. I’ve always struggled with scrap management…never knowing what to keep or what to throw away. In my early sewing days I would save every.last.bit because I felt like it could be used for something, only to end up completely overwhelmed that I would throw bags of it away!

This time, however, I noticed that most of the scraps I had saved fell into four categories: strips, squares, and larger pieces (less than a fat quarter), and those weird misshapen pieces that you save because you know it’s enough fabric for something you just don’t know what yet and you can’t bring yourself to trim it down. Well, after a morning of sorting everything, I took the plunge and trimmed down those misshapen pieces into either strips or squares and separated all the larger pieces out. Can I just tell you I have never been so ready to jump into my scrap stash and actually use it! Look at all these stacks of fabulous strips! I had no idea I had so many stashed away in ziplock bags!
So many strips!! Excited!

There’s several projects already on my wish list to make as soon as the holidays start to settle down! What would you do with all these strips?