QuiltCon | Are you ready?

Well, that was a little bit crazy yesterday, huh? If you tried to register for QuiltCon like I did, you know exactly what I am talking about. I’m so glad it is over and everything is all officially booked!
QuiltCon - Here I come!

Are you coming to Austin in February? Taking any interesting classes? Here’s what I am signed up for…I hope to meet bunches of old and new friends this year! Let me know if you’re headed this way. :)

QuiltCon - Here I come!

Quilt Design a Day | From Concept to Reality

Several months ago, I joined a really fun group on Facebook, Quilt Design a Day, started by Anne of Play-Crafts. The group is centered around the idea of spending 15-30 minutes a day designing quilts using the palettes provided daily on Design Seeds. I had already been busy clearing away mindless activities that keep me away from exploring more of the creativity that I have inside my own head so I eagerly took up the challenge to spend 30 days straight designing quilts. I wasn’t new to the software I needed to actually design the quilts, but I felt like I didn’t have a clue what I was doing at first. How in the world was I going to pull 30 designs out of my head…every.single.day?

Can I tell you something? I learned so much about myself during that thirty day challenge!! The biggest thing being that when given the opportunity, I lean towards more large scale modern designs rather than those that are based on a traditional grid using traditional blocks. This is a huge shift!! I have always considered myself to be a Modern Traditional quilter because most of the quilts I have been making stem from that or have been influenced by what other Modern Traditional quilters are making. Seeing myself evolve as something different when creatively pushed was so surprising! It felt good to be stretched, to work past mental blocks and to have a number of designs moving from my head into fabric is an amazing personal accomplishment.  This is no way changes my love of traditional blocks, but it freed me up from always having to create using them as my go to template, if that makes sense. I am hopeful that even more of “me” will be uncovered as I continue to push myself in this endeavor.

Enough talk…let’s see the quilt right?!? Well, this week, one of my designs became a reality and I couldn’t be more excited about how it is turning out. For background, here’s the Design Seeds palette I used and my original design sketch.

TonalBlues     3-29-14

And here is the top as of today! Soooo exciting!

Have you ever thought about challenging yourself to do something big like this? It might not be designing for you…maybe it is working on a particular skill that you would like to master in your craft? Whatever it is, I encourage you…just do it! You will be so glad you did.

Behind the Scenes | Big Changes

It’s been quiet around here…but I’ve been working, working, working behind the scenes. Lots of ideas, quilts, and changes are coming very soon…it’s such an exciting time and I decided to be intentional and risk big to do some things that I love to do. I truly hope you will continue to stick around and join me on this journey!

As a sneak peek…look what I am setting up today! I’ve got a stack of quilts a mile high it seems so I am ready to get this baby up and running as soon as humanly possible. :)
Today's goal. Get this thing up and running! #longarmquilting


Hope you are having a great week!! I’m in full prep for my travels coming up to The Stash Bash!! I can’t wait to catch up with a bunch of old friends and to meet up with some new ones. One of my most favorite things will be to have a weekend away with one of my bestest friends!!

While I should be cutting fabric, packing all my supplies, and working on my secret partner gifts, I have been experimenting…

The slice and insert method is an intriguing one…and I have a couple of designs sketched using it so I’m busy, busy, busy working on the ins and outs of making it work “in real life.”

So that’s what’s going on over here…hope you are getting to do some fun things in your sewing space this week!

Happy Easter!